When Seventeen calls

OK, so they never actually called. And I’ve never actually spoken to someone at Seventeen, despite having had two articles published by them. I communicate via email with an editor at The Mix, a subsidiary of Hearst (a.k.a., Seventeen‘s publisher) and they tell me when my stories are published.

But anyway. Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 07.29.17
I’m apparently a big fan of screenshotting my articles and posting them on my blog 🙂

I got published by Seventeen again (click the link to read the article)! And what this also means is that I now have an official author page on their website, which is crazy exciting. It’s like I’m a real writer or something!

This article was, surprisingly, a lot harder to write than the first one. The first one was about losing a friendship due to depression. And I write about depression a lot. I’ve been practicing talking and writing about it for going on three years now, so it’s almost second nature.

My relationship status, on the other hand … that’s much harder to be open about.

The article is called, “I’m 22 and I’ve never been kissed.” It’s the truth, and it’s a truth that I was ashamed of for a long time. But as I wrote this article, I had an experience similar to the one I had with the first Seventeen article — healing. In the first one, it was healing from resentment and anger. In this one, it was the realization that it’s OK that I’ve never been kissed. That I don’t mind.

I said this article was harder to write. That’s because I’ve spent so much of my time ashamed of my (lack of) love life.

But I want to practice radical vulnerability in every aspect of my life. This article was the first step in the direction of writing openly and honestly about something that isn’t my mental health. Stay tuned for more, guys! I’ve written some honest pieces I’m very excited about and I’m working on getting them published. Stick around (or follow me) for updates about what’s going on. And give this one a read. I’m pretty proud of it, to tell the truth.

One thought on “When Seventeen calls

  1. I know the heartache. I’m 35. I have only been in one dating relationship and we never kissed or held hands in that two months. My younger sister is going on her third child. I wish I could say I am ok with it, I really haven’t been. However, I know my God wouldn’t give His child a snake or a stone so I’m believing this is all for a better reason. I’m trusting He hasn’t forgotten my love story. Thank you for your vulnerability! I am thankful I get to be a role model to teenagers about waiting for God’s best.


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